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Kickstart your thesis with a perfect research question

On completion of this course, you will not just have a research question in hand, but a research compass. One that will continually point you towards your true North, even in the most complex turns of your research journey. A well-crafted research question can be your unyielding motivator, always reminding you of your research purpose and keeping you driven.

How to Craft the Perfect Thesis Statement for your Academic Paper

A thesis statement is an important element of an academic paper or thesis at any level, at it guides both the reader and the author. Technically, it is the sentence or two that states the main idea of your thesis or dissertation. Without a thesis statement, your paper may ramble on and on without a clean point and you take the risk of losing the reader. From a productivity point of view, you also risk producing lots of vague and unnecessary text fragments, because you as a writer lack the focus a concise thesis statement could give you.