teaching philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy

In this outline of my teaching philosophy, I answer three questions: How do I perceive the role of teaching? What are the goals of my teaching? How do I aim to achieve these goals? The Why: Teaching to make a difference I believe that most academics make the greatest impact via their teaching. Not research (or academic service). Teaching creates opportunities—not only for those taught, teaching involves tremendous multiplier effects. Teaching facilitates learning. And learning is what I consider to be the most transformative force for any large-scale change. My teaching vision is to enable and empower every single student…

Research Topic Mini-course

Not sure how to approach your thesis and how to arrive at a research topic that’s right for you? In this interactive mini-course we will guide you through the most important tips and questions to help you get to a satisfying research question for your thesis or dissertation (or seminar paper). You can participate directly and actively-at the end we’ll be happy to send you input so you don’t forget anything. So be fully focused, no note-taking is required! OVerview of the mini-course In the mini-course below, we will discuss various themes around finding your research topic. Specifically, we elaborate…

Adams (1990): Journal to the Self (Book Notes)

These are my notes for the book “Journal to the Self: Twenty-Two Paths to Personal Growth – Open the Door to Self-Understanding by Writing, Reading, and Creating a Journal of Your Life” by Kathleen Adams. Section 1: Overview The book “Journal to the Self” by Kathleen Adams is structured into 4 major sections. For these notes, I will focus on section 1 only, as sections 3 and 4 are rather specific and I did not learn much from them. Section 2 is useful, but it is more about prompts for your writing and that does not warrant any summary or…

Dyck (2016): Beyond Satisfaction (Book Notes)

These are my notes for the book “Beyond Satisfaction: The Secret to Crafting a Profitable Online Course That Will Change Lives” by Breanne Dyck. Section 1: Overview The book “Beyond Satisfaction: The Secret to Crafting a Profitable Online Course That Will Change Lives” by Breanne Dyck is about user experience as a key factor for online courses. It is written from the perspective of a higher-ed teacher entering the online course business. It’s a super-short book and while it touches some interesting themes, I feel that it only scratches at the surface of most of them. My guess is that…
the basis of everything: track your time

The basis for everything: Track your time!

The importance of being accountable for your research time Many people live their lives without ever realizing the importance of being accountable for their time. There are those who believe that life goes on as it always does, but those who know better understand that this is not the case. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and we need to make sure we make them count. This is also true for academics—actually, it is even truer for them. How so? The problem with academic work is that it is highly non-linear. Your input does not translate…


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