How to write the introduction section of your thesis?

You want to know how to write the introduction to your thesis? Great! Because the introduction may be one of the most important but also most overlooked areas of your thesis or research paper. Here, I present you an easy to remember formula to craft perfect introduction sections!

How to write the introduction to your thesis?

Why your introduction section matters

Think about how you read a text—any text. Usually, the first question you ask yourself is whether reading the text will be worthwile. There are so many other things that you could be doing instead.

So a real concern about the relevancy pops into your head. You want to be certain that your time is well spent. So in order for you to keep reading, the text needs to inform you as concisely as possible about what the text exactly is about and that the text itself is actually thoughtful. Basically, we seek to understand why the text itself should matter (relevancy), how it links to any other texts I might have read before (review) and how it adds to them (research gap). Last but not least and for further clarity, it helps to show what exactly you will be writing about (resolve).

That’s it. This is my 4R formula that will help you write a clear and concise introduction section of your thesis. So what exactly does that mean—what should you write for each of these Rs (and how much)?

How to write the introduction section of your thesis?

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