Design-Based Research Bootcamp

Prepare to dive into the world of Design-Based Research. Our exhaustive online course offers you a comprehensive journey through the intriguing terrain of design-based research, an avant-garde yet pragmatic research technique that’s earning accolades across diverse disciplines.

Presented as digestible five-minute video lessons, we’ll take you on a captivating trek into the realm of design-based research. This course extends an open invitation to Bachelor’s students across a myriad of subjects, but don’t fret if you’re not a student – anyone eager to explore a research approach that deftly marries theory and practice will find it equally beneficial.

Our initial leg of the course unveils the fascinating world of design-based research. We trace the roots, growth, and distinctive charm of this method in the modern research scenario. You’ll discover what differentiates design-based research from conventional methodologies, understanding its increasing allure across myriad fields.

Following the introduction, we dig deeper into the crux of design-based research. This segment deciphers the fundamental stages of this method: crafting research queries, sculpting a design, testing and refining it in a real-life environment, and interpreting the resultant data. Each phase is elucidated with hands-on examples and actual case studies, making the concepts tangible and easily implementable.

Our third phase propels you into an active learning mode. In this interactive segment, you’ll put your acquired knowledge to test by formulating a mini design-based research project. This participatory exercise is crafted to cement your grasp of the methodology and sharpen your application skills.

As we reach the end of our learning journey, we recap the pivotal concepts and principles of design-based research. We explore its versatile application across varied scenarios and tackle the potential hurdles that might crop up. This segment arms you with vital tactics and resources for continued learning, priming you for a successful venture into your upcoming research pursuits.

To complement our video lectures, we offer supplementary study materials such as workbooks and additional readings. These resources serve to enrich your learning experience, offering a strong reference point as you plunge into the vibrant world of design-based research.

By the course’s conclusion, you’ll be thoroughly versed in design-based research, armed with the proficiency to employ this method in your research endeavors. Whether you’re a budding researcher, an educator, a designer, or a knowledge-thirsty learner, “Research by Design: Your Essential Primer to Design-Based Research for Novices” promises a stimulating exploration of this dynamic research methodology. So, why wait? Enroll now and kick-start your exciting voyage of discovery and learning!

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