Building a prolific writing practice

Building your prolific academic writing practice

“Building your prolific academic writing practice” is a course designed to help you build a successful and sustainable writing practice—and thereby support the foundation of any academic career. We all know that academics are, first of all, writers. And yet, if we take an honest look at our schedules, evidence for this is hard to find. This is problematic, as academic careers are hugely dependent on our publication output and, therefore, our writing process.

I am a writer who has never been satisfied with my writing, and I would always assume that only the best writers were the ones destined for success. When I found this course, it opened up a whole new world for me. The exercises are clear and easy to follow, and the course is designed specifically with the needs of writers in mind.
Graduate student from Germany

This course has been made “by academic, for academics” and the teachings are equally applicable to students, academics, and technical writers across the domains. We know the struggles of academics, because we are in the same situation. And we also know what helps, as we have implemented these practices ourselves and successfully coached numerous others to up their writing game.
The course combines time-tested input with reflective exercises to contextualize the strategies to your very individual life. Through engaging with the course instructors, you also have the chance to get personalized advice on how to adapt the teachings of the course to fit your personal circumstances.

The course is really well done. The lessons are practical and applicable, and I’ve already noticed a difference in my writing as I’m implementing what I’ve learned into my daily routine. It’s been a helpful guide for establishing a sustainable writing practice that will help me stay on track in my future academic career.
Postdoc from CA, US

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