Your're awesome!


it's Dominik here.

I personally wanted to thank you for joining the thesistribe program.

I'm excited for you because I know that the methods and the courses that I will give to you throughout the program really do work. All of this is heavily time-tested material; it has allowed thousands of students to master their thesis projects, and what is far more important, it has helped them to master their lives.

Because at the core of the thesistribe philosophy lies the belief that a thesis project is a very good opportunity to study and improve yourself. For many, this has ignited the journey to personal growth. And I will do my best to support you on that journey throughout your thesis project.

But... let me be honest. The major factor of whether you will be successful is you and the actions you take. You need to be active. You see, I called this thesistribe for a reason. We are a tribe. We are a community. We show up. We hold each other accountable. We support each other. Because this is the way to a successful thesis, because this is the way to a meaningful life, because this is the way of thesistribe.

You will soon get some e-mails from me. You will be invited to the thesistribe community platform. You will also get access to the thesistribe course platform. And I will also send you occasional other e-mails that give you more information about thesis writing and events that are happening in the community. Please make sure to whitelist all the e-mails that you get from me, so that you do not miss any future e-mails.

So, I'm really excited to meet you in the community!

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