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We give you the strategy, tools, and individual guidance you need to complete your Master's thesis or Bachelor's thesis with confidence. With our time-tested plan, you will be done in 4 weeks and ready for your life and career.

The comprehensive program for starting and completing your thesis project.


Over 6,000 students benefited from our courses/guidance.


Dominik, your coach, has won multiple awards for his research and teaching.


Gain clarity of your research question

Move through our research question checklist to define your research topic and draft a good research question. Discuss your research question with our experts to get feedback to develop it into an awesome research question.

Acquire high-quality quantitative data

Complete our exercises to draft your research instruments. Get tips for improvement, pilot test the instruments, and move to the field phase productively. We can help with professional instrument design (including online hosting) and sampling.

Analyze and interpret your data with confidence

Chose a predefined model template and get youre results instantly. Of course, we help you make sense of the results.

Get organized and productive - for your thesis and beyond

Develop good habits to gain clarity of purpose, establish productive work routines, and cultivate a sense of ownership. Our task trackers and accountability coaching will help you to stay on track.

Check off the thesis and re-focus on the rest of your life and career

Our research plan is based on our experience of writing and supervising hundreds of research studies. It will help you reach your goal in time and enjoy your life after the thesis sooner.


I'm an established researcher with a highly multi-disciplinary background that includes international business, education science, teacher education, and computer science. Most of all, however, I am fascinated by applying and teaching about research methods and academic writing.
Because, in the end, I do belief that writing a kick-ass thesis is key to having kick-ass career and life. At least if you do it the right way.
Therefore, after winning multiple research award and teaching awards myself, I decided to combine these passions to develop thesistribe; a program that will not only get your thesis done but that will transform you.

Guaranteed satisfaction.

Our method has helped thousands of students already to master their thesis and level up their productivity game and career. We are confident that you will benefit, too. 
And did we mention that the thesistribe Research Question Workshop is 100% free?


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Froehlich Research GmbH
Contact: Dominik E. Froehlich
A: Perfektastr. 58/2/21, 1230 Vienna, Austria
M: info at dominikfroehlich.com
T: +43 660 2 2345 25