Call for Papers: Special Issue on Social Networks in Education and Learning

Guest Editorial Team

Dr. Dominik E. Froehlich, University of Vienna

Dr. Jasperina Brouwer, University of Groningen

Aim of this special issue

This special issue proposed to Frontline Learning Research focuses on papers that use social network analysis (SNA) to understand how individuals involved in activities related to education and learning are affected by or use their social networks. We welcome papers that seek to make empirical, methodological, and/or theoretical contributions to our understanding of social networks in the context of learning and education. In that sense, the call is open to a wide variety of submissions. There are only two major requirements: the paper needs to discuss or apply SNA (as a method or a theory) and be related to the field of learning and education.

If you feel unsure about the suitability your submission, please get in touch with us to verify the suitability of your project — just drop us a line at!

Note: Papers with a strong methodological orientation in the domain of mixed-methods should better be submitted to a parallel call for chapters in an edited volume about mixed approaches to social network analysis. You can find this call here:

Submit your proposal

Please submit a proposal (max. 1,500 words including references) to by 01.12.2017. Your proposal will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the call
  • Applicability to the journal’s scope
  • Scientific merit (e.g., research design, sample, analyses)
  • Likelihood of successful completion within timeline
  • Fit with other submissions