Call for Abstracts for an edited volume on Analyzing Group Interactions

Aim of this edited volume

The objective of this book is to give a practical overview of different methods applicable to analyze group interactions. Each chapter will focus on a distinct qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methodological approach.

Against this backdrop, we invite abstracts for chapters that address methodological approaches to analyze group interactions.  All chapters of the book will have the same structure and should not be longer than 5000 words, to provide the idea of a practical useful overview.

If you feel unsure about your submission, please get in touch with us to verify the suitability of your project.


Matthias Huber (University of Vienna),

Dominik E. Froehlich (University of Vienna),


Expected Date of Publication: End of 2019

Submission Deadline: End of February 2019

Submit your abstract (200-300 words) by 30.9.2018 here: