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Ich bin mehrfach ausgezeichneter Lehrer und Forscher und habe es mir zur Aufgabe gemacht, Menschen dabei zu helfen, in und an ihrer Lehr- und Forschungstätigkeit zu wachsen.

My services for students and researchers

Thesis supervision reimagined. Join the thesistribe cohort-based course to make the most of your thesis—both in terms of doing excellent research and having a meaningful learning experience for life.
Productive teaching through technology. In the Teaching with Leverage program, we develop entrepreneurial ways of teaching—and living the life of a teacher marked by productivity and sanity.
networking coffee club - networking for academics
A new way of networking for academics. The NetworkingCoffee.Club is a virtual club for early- and mid-career academics that helps its members to have productive and fulfilling careers as academics.

About Dominik

I'm an award-winning researcher, higher-education teacher, and course creator with a background in education, business, and computer science. I've been working in the field of (online) education for over 8 years and have taught tens of thousands of students. My research has been published in the leading journals of the respective fields, and I've edited several books and special issues on the topics of research methods, most notably mixed-methods social network analysis. My courses are used confidently used by 10+ colleges and universities.

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