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I won the teaching award of the FHWien of the WKW now, too

After winning the teaching award of the University of Vienna earlier this year, the FHWien of the WKW awarded their prize to me, too.  Both awards are about innovative teaching using digital media / flipped classroom.

At the FHWien of the WKW, I  was awarded for a  statistics course in a lab setting. In my SPSS online course you can find similar videos.

New Online Course on Statistics in PSPP/PSPPIRE [in German]

My new online course on Statistics in PSPP/PSPPIRE has been launched. You can access it here.

New Online Course on Survey Creation [in German]

My new course on Survey Creation with LimeSurvey has been published. Register here to learn about how to create (online) surveys that are both efficient and meaningful.